The British Pharmaceutical Pricing Index

When price is an issue, commercial managers scrutinise recent price movements on a regular basis. However the longer term trend is often ignored as the demands of the present over-ride the past.

The BPPI allows you to understand the big picture. What happened to generic prices after a previous loss of exclusivity? Did prices decline slowly or was there a crash? Did the price later bounce back up for a while? Is there a noticeable trend in the price of imports or exports; and is there a link with the exchange rate? How have other manufacturers reacted to changes in reimbursement or competition in the past? Is the trend consistent enough to allow forecasts to be produced?

Clients can either commission Wavedata to run reports for them or can purchase direct login access. The BPPI uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that requires minimal training. As an online database it requires no installation, no upgrades and no limit on the number of users.  Simply log in and go

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